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Manda no Yume is a Yume Nikki fangame originally made for Dream Diary Jam 2017, and now updated for Dream Diary Jam 2019.

Manda enters a different world when she lies in bed. In this world she can discover effects that give her new abilities. 

My goal with this fangame is to experiment with new features, focusing more on a technical demo than an immersive experience. For v0.04 I plan to begin shifting focus.

Distinct features include:
- A map of the current world that fills as the map is explored.
- Multiple effect slots, allowing numerous effects to be worn at the same time
- Over 180 familiar hairstyles to find and wear

Areas of improvement for v0.04:
- Music and sound effects
- Older content
- Polish
- An ending

Feel free to send thoughts/suggestions/feedback/bug reports/complaints.

As of v0.03 there is no ending, and nothing happens upon collecting all effects.

Controls are shown in-game.

Install instructions

Extract the contents of the zip file and run Game.exe

Controls will be displayed upon starting a new game, and in phone menu.


Manda no Yume v0.03e (2019 Jam Release) 29 MB
Manda no Yume v0.01c (2017 Jam Release) 23 MB
Manda no Yume v0.02 23 MB

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