v0.01c Update

EDIT: I swapped the two builds out with one build that contains only the RTP that the game needs. Also fixed some small things but didn't increment version number.

I've updated Manda no Yume to v0.01c. This update fixes more issues found, and introduces some changes to the effect menu. I give patch notes so you can decide if you want to re-download the game or not.


  • New Effect Menu Style. Press SHIFT to toggle between the old and new style. New style shows every combination effect.


  • Effect menu controls changed
  • Effect menu displays controls
  • Undiscovered combination effects show which effects combine to make them.
  • Matryoshka no longer warms (matry + jacket still should)
  • Interacting with stoplight in forest will no longer trigger desk train to appear. Should only be random chance upon entering map.


  • Fixed collision on some streetlamps
  • Fixed whiteboard flashing drawings when erasing
  • Fixed alignment of some messages
  • Adjusted a teleport destination
  • Fixed stoplight triggering desk train

Let me know if you find any issues. I'm not very confident in the effect menu working now that I've messed with it. 


Manda no Yume v0.01c (2017 Jam Release) 23 MB
Jul 02, 2017

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