v0.02 Update

v0.02 was meant to be a small update released a month or two after the 2017 Dream Diary Jam ended. 

It has instead been over a year. The game has been remade multiple times since the jam version.

I've decided to split this update into two parts:

  • The first half (this one) is a remake with a minimal amount of new content added. Some content from previous versions is missing either from being cut or not being re-added yet.
  • The second half will be expanding on this one to add more effects, expand and polish maps, and fix outstanding issues. 

There is no longer an NPC in the game that gives hints. For now I would consult a guide, I will be looking into this for the second half.


Manda no Yume v0.02 23 MB
Nov 10, 2018

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